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  Virtual Training
of Hebrew Shamanism
If you feel called to participate, please join us, whatever your background.
  • Build relationships with sacred ancestors
  • Work with more than human ancestors
  • Chant the melodies of the ancient Hebrews
  • Conduct ritual to heal the earth and ourselves
  • Invoke shekhinah (the presence of divinity)
  • Connect with the spirits of nature
  • Journey for guidance and healing
  • Create portals for divine connection
Shamanic Healer Miriam Katz and Rabbi Aaron Philmus will show you step-by-step how to:
Why should I attend?
Many are struggling to find solid ground in these challenging times. They are leaning upon temporary sources of comfort like food and TV, while neglecting to tune into the inner voice that is beckoning them to defy their limitations and rise to the opportunities before us.

If you dream of tapping your inner power – and becoming the person you were born to be – you won’t want to miss this incredible live series.
Seven 120-Minute Course Sessions
Facilitated by Rabbi Aaron Philmus and Miriam Katz
Each session will teach you, step-by-step, the techniques to cultivate your connection to spirit. Through the sessions you will develop awareness of the non-physical worlds, and how to live in a state of reciprocity for your highest evolution.
Private Facebook Group for Participants
Connect and engage with other course participants in this private, practice community group. As you go through the course, you will be able to connect with other participants to share your questions, experiences, and insights. This collaborative support allows you to deepen your connection with the teachings and our community.
Practices and Weekly Focus ​​​​​​​to explore each new topic
Each week you will receive practices and an experiential focus specifically designed to deepen and support your understanding and practical integration of the course content covered.
Audio Recordings of All Sessions
You will receive a recording of each course session which you can repeat as often as you wish. These recordings can be a wonderful tool to deepen your integration of the teachings.
7 is the number of wholeness
Join us for seven sessions of immersive practice. We will explore the foundations of Hebrew shamanism, and guide you to establish a home practice so that the tools can become part of your lived experience.

This transformative study program of core Hebrew Shamanism practices can be done on your own schedule.
If you are interested in enrolling in the Virtual Apprenticeship in Hebrew Shamanism, it must be completed
by mid-October, 2020.

Tap into a virtual portal for divine power in the wilderness, working with upper level guides (AKA ascended masters or tzaddikim), angels and power animals as we weave our energies with the spiritual toolkit of the ancient shamans.

  • Invoke Shekhinah (the indwelling presence of divinity)
  • Connect with the spirits of nature
  • Journey into non-ordinary reality for guidance and healing
  • Create virtual and physical portals for divine connection
  • Build relationships with sacred ancestors
  • Work with more-than-human ancestors
  • Chant the melodies of the ancient Hebrews
  • Conduct ritual to heal the earth and ourselves

By the end of this course, you'll have the information, tools and practices to build a personal relationship with divinity and its many aspects.

You will establish a working connection with spirit that will support you in living as the highest version of yourself as you move through life's many challenges and opportunities.

Our learning opportunities are available to participants across all backgrounds and identifications (faith, gender, etc).  If you feel called to this learning, we welcome you. 

Please note that the Intro to Shamanic Journeying (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite for this class. If you do not yet have experience with shamanic journeying, please enroll in the free class.

Miriam Katz
Miriam is a Shamanic Healer who taps into the power of nature and the cosmos using ritual, divination and guidance to release emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks to joy and fulfillment.

​Miriam is an initiated Altomesayok, carrying the lineage of master shamans in the Andean Q'ero tradition. She completed 4 years of apprenticeship in Peruvian and Core Shamanism. Miriam was certified as a Professional Coach in 2009 through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a certified Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master who has practiced energy healing since 2003. A member of the Shaman Collective and the Society of Shamanic Practitioners, Miriam received her BA in Psychology and Jewish Studies from Clark University, and an MBA in Public and Nonprofit Management from Boston University. ​

Rabbi Aaron Philmus
Rabbi Aaron is the spiritual leader at Temple Torat Yisrael in East Greenwich, RI. He is co-chair of the Rabbinical Council of Hazon: the Jewish Lab for Sustainability. Rabbi Aaron received ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. He studied Natural and Cultural Ecology at UMASS Amherst and studied Aboriginal cultures in Australia.

In his former life Aaron was a Wildlife Ecologist and Jewish Nature Educator. He has been on several vision quests including one in Israel. Rabbi Aaron continues to learn Torah from the earth, but now he also learns Torah from books and people too. He lives with his wife, children, herd of goats, flock of chickens and ducks. Rabbi Aaron loves taking his goats for wanders in the woods, leading songs and chants with his guitar, and exploring Jewish values and spirituality through food, agriculture, and nature connection.
"I was first introduced to Miriam through a workshop on energy healing where I left feeling both grounded and walking on air. I have since had individual sessions. She brings her beautiful energy to the shamanic journey. Each class I have achieved a deeper and more fulfilling holistic experience. I highly recommend Miriam's classes to anyone looking for a place to connect on a higher level with themselves, others and energy realms."  ~Sheila Place

"Miriam is a wonderful teacher. I have taken several workshops with her in person and now online. I always get so much from each one. I am excited for her next class." ~Laura C.

"Miriam is a wonderful instructor. Her approach is gentle and holistic. She values each person's unique experience. During the class she answered questions patiently, providing support as the sessions continued. This was very helpful for me personally." ~Sharin H.
"The service was wonderful; you led and taught us with authenticity, good humor, and humility in prayer. I couldn’t believe how many diverse voices rang out to celebrate and sing the beautiful tunes. A metaphor for the possibility that in making connections, friends, community, we can overcome differences and share, appreciate, and celebrate each other’s traditions."
~Joy W.

"Thank you sooo much for the Spring Fire Ceremony (Webinar in Hebrew Shamanism). That is just what I needed today. We are both so impressed how smooth it went. There was so much to learn. We have been talking about how much shamanic ideas are in Jewish faith. You have a beautiful soul and it shines through when you are teaching."
~Thomas Eggert
Don’t miss this profound
7-week immersion.
Foundations of Hebrew Shamanism presents the core teachings upon which the Virtual Apprenticeship in Hebrew Shamanism is built.
This course serves as a prerequisite to the Virtual Apprenticeship, a 10-part series launching in October, 2020.
"Shamanism is essentially a living tradition of alchemy that is not seeking the stone but has found the stone." 
                            - Terence McKenna
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You will establish a working connection with spirit that will support you in living as the highest version of yourself as you move through life's many challenges and opportunities.
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